MHSA is offering an Eventing Rider award, effective this year.  All you have to do is,  1) be a member of MHSA and 2) nominate as an Eventing Rider.  The $20 fee can be used for both Dressage Rider and Eventing Rider.  If you have already nominated as a Dressage Rider and wish to nominate as an Eventing Rider, just let the MHSA Membership Secretary know you wish to extend that rider nomination to include Eventing.  If you have already joined MHSA for 2015, but haven’t nominated as a Rider and wish to, just send your $20 to the MHSA Membership Secretary with a notation as to what the payment is for. Or, you can nominate by using the online membership form, click on the Rider Nomination option and follow the prompts.

Points are accumulated from the rider winnings in any classes ridden on any number of horses from Green as Grass through Advance Level.  The rider must have a minimum of three scores from at least one MHSA recognized show and one Horse Trials.

If you have any questions about this new offering, please contact Christy DeMauro at

Sue Webster for Christy DeMauro, MHSA Eventing Point Secretary