At the last MHSA Board meeting, a discussion arose regarding the rule permitting shows to offer double points for MHSA exhibitors at nominated shows. This program was initiated as a fund raiser several years ago, and has been utilized frequently by both the SH/P and H/J disciplines. Last year it brought in $175 from SH/P shows, and $550 from H/J shows

The question raised was one of point distribution related to the size of shows. It was felt that four-day or more shows and USEF shows should offer more points to exhibitors than small shows.

Rules as they stand now:

Rule Book, Show Horses & Ponies, Part I, Sections 1-3:

Three-Day or Fewer Shows:
If there is one entry, that entry will receive 1 point. If there are two entries, the winner will receive 2 points, the second place will receive 1 point. If there are three entries, the winner will receive 3 points, the second place will receive 2 points, and the 3rd place entry will receive 1 point. This pattern will be used through and including eighth place in which the winner will receive 8 points and the last place entry of the top 8 will receive 1 point.

Four-Day or More Shows:
The same system will be used in awarding points as for a Three-Day or Fewer Horse Show, except the number of points will be double those awarded in the shorter shows.

Rule Book, Hunter Division, Part 1, Section 2:
1st Place USEF Shows, 10 points; MHSA Shows, 6 points
2nd Place USEF Shows, 6 points; MHSA Shows, 5 points
3rd Place USEF Shows, 4 points; MHSA Shows, 4 points
4th Place USEF Shows, 2 points; MHSA Shows, 3 points
5th Place USEF Shows, 1 point; MHSA Shows, 2 points
6th Place USEF Shows, 1 point; MHSA Shows, 1 point
7th Place USEF Shows, 1/2 point; MHSA Shows, 1/2 point
8th Place USEF Shows 1/2 point; MHSA Shows, 1/2 point

Class points from shows that are designated as “Double Point” shows are double the number of points normally awarded for that class based on the formulas above.

The question is regarding the awarding of Double Points. Should a small one-day show, offering double points, provide exhibitors as many or more points as the larger four-day or more shows (SH/P) or USEF shows (H/J)?

Given the above information, we ask you to weigh in with your opinion which would result in one of the three following decisions:

1) Do away with the Double Point system altogether
2) Increase the number of points awarded from the Four-Day or More shows (SH/P) and USEF shows (H/J)
3) Leave the system in place as is, making no change.

Your input is valuable, and we encourage your response. Please do so by email to: