Financial Steering Committee: Jane Gaines, chair, Anna Marie Knipp, Ben Hibbs

Communications (& Web) Committee: Tracy Feller, chair, Betsy Woodruff, Hattie Francis, Beth Riggert, Lynn Frazee and Sue Webster

Marketing Committee: Betsy Woodruff, chair, Stacy Wright, Jean Mutrux, Mike Roberts, Sarah Thomas, Anna Marie Knipp

Awards Committee: Stacy Wright, chair, Betsy Woodruff, Robyn Armer, Ben Hibbs, Erica Jobe, Sue Webster

Banquet and Silent Auction Committee: Ken Wheelen, chair, LynnFrazee, Stacy Wright, Erica Jobe, Jean Mutrux

Sportswear Committee: Robyn Armer, chair, Jean Mutrux, Kerri Payne, Stacy Wright

Legal Affairs and Rules Committee: Hattie Francis, chair, Stacy Wight, Sue Webster, Beth Rggert, Janet Thompson

Youth Committee: Kerri Payne chair, Sarah Thomas, Mckenzie Booker, Kennedy Payne, Diane Stephens,
Jean Mutrux, Mary Zion

Medallion Committee: Sarah Thomas, chair, Lynn Frazee, Beth Riggert

Advisory Committee: Missy Hughes Smith, Kent Swalla, Mandy Martin

Show Horses & Ponies Council: Lynn Frazee and Gina Vehige, co-chairs, Hattie Francis, Erica Jobe, Ken Wheelen, Sarah Thomas, Mke Rberts, Sue Webster, Gina Vehige, Mary Zion

Dressage and Eventing Council: Lisa Holderle, chair, Christy Demauro, Robyn Armer

Hunter/Jumper Council: Pam Bishop, chair, Betsy Woodruff, Stacy Wright, Sarah Booker, Ben Hibbs

School Horse Hall of Fame Committee: Stacy Wright, Katie Coup, Sarah Booker

Distinguished Service and Horseperson of the Year Committee : Gina Vehige and Sarah Booker