Please look them over carefully, checking for spelling or point errors or discrepancies. Contact your Eventing Division Point Secretary if you have any questions or concerns.
Please note,  you must have a minimum of 3 scores from at least 1 MHSA recognized show, and 1 Horse Trials to be eligible for a year-end award.

Eventing Division Point Secretary:

Christy DeMauro
Updated 1/9/19

LevelHorse NameOwner NamePoints
TrainingHummingbird's RiverAmy Nelson1
NoviceRoyal Crest's Granite PermissionLily Callahan33
NoviceMy SecretaryAnne Branscum15
NoviceThis Means WarAnne Branscum9
NoviceJude MoonChristina DeMauro8
NoviceAbsolute EmpressJean Mutrux8
NoviceHummingbird's RiverAmy Nelson7
NoviceDoin' Time MoonshineKris Wallace6
NoviceWishuponastarAnne Branscum2
Beginner NovicePour Me AnotherTammy Seaborn22
Beginner NoviceBeowulfEmily Bruhn19
Beginner NoviceTurn SignalJulie Simmons16
Beginner NoviceLucky ProspectLyndsey Humpal14
Beginner NoviceSherlockKris Wallace13
Beginner NoviceDoin' Time MoonshineKris Wallace11
Beginner NoviceExalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel10
Beginner NoviceManu Forti's Royal BlueJulie Simmons10
Beginner NoviceWestern ZenLynette Scott7
Beginner NoviceWishuponastarAnne Branscum5
Beginner NoviceCF All That JazzJosie Patton4
Beginner NoviceHummingbird's MendaciumAmy Nelson3
Beginner NoviceMiss FanteAnna & Abbey Clark2
Beginner NoviceAri GoldKris Wallace1
StarterBeowulfEmily Bruhn15
StarterDragon SlayerKris Wallace14
StarterHummingbird's First CommanderAmanda Kothe13
StarterAri GoldKris Wallace12
StarterCF All That JazzJosie Patton11
StarterHummingbird's MendaciumAmy Nelson11
StarterMelissa's Painted StormMelissa Richter7
StarterMinesweeperKelsey Fisher7
StarterPrince's EDSAnna & Abbey Clark5
StarterHummingbird's CapriccioDena Riegel4
StarterManu Forti's Royal BlueJulie Simmons4
StarterSherlockKris Wallace4
StarterExalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel2
Combined Test
LevelHorse NameOwner Name Points
TrainingRoyal Crest's Granite PermissionLily Callahan2
NoviceRoyal Crest's Granite PermissionLily Callahan15
NoviceThis Means WarAnne Branscum7
NoviceMy SecretaryAnne Branscum5
Beginner NoviceMinesweeperKelsey Fisher30
Beginner NoviceBeowulfEmily Bruhn7
Beginner NoviceAri GoldKris Wallace5
Beginner NoviceWishuponastarAnne Branscum4
StarterMinesweeperKelsey Fisher30
StarterPhantom PistolLily Callahan8
StarterPour Me AnotherTammy Seaborn5
Green as GrassPhantom PistolLily Callahan8
Green as GrassCat On A MissionKris Wallace8
Adult AmateurKelsey Fisher67
Adult AmateurTammy Seaborn27
Adult AmateurAnne Branscum20
Adult AmateurJosie Patton11
Adult AmateurChristina DeMauro8
Adult AmateurLynette Scott7
Adult AmateurJulie Simmons16Not Enough shows.
Jr/YRLily Callahan66
Jr/YRWinifred Branscum28
Jr/YRKynsee Fennel12
Jr/YRMelissa Richter7Not Enough shows.