To: All Show Horse and Pony Exhibitors of MHSA

The MHSA Show Horse and Pony Council is in the process of developing and adopting a single Medallion Equitation pattern for Saddle Seat, and a single pattern for the Stock Seat. It was recommended that we establish a pattern to be used year after year, in hopes of encouraging more youth to be involved and to establish a pattern that meets all the objectives and qualifications. As always, the Medallion Finals Pattern will be determined by the judge.

Included below are two patterns for Saddle Seat Equitation (A & B), and two patterns for Stock Seat Equitation (A & B). MHSA would appreciate your weighing in on this decision and letting us know which pattern for each division should be adopted. The patterns have all been vetted by professionals in Missouri, and should be ‘legal’ in all associations.

The MHSA Board of Directors will then vote at our next meeting to adopt the patterns beginning in 2014 as per the majority wishes of our members. Please email your votes to Lynn Frazee at: Deadline for your input is March 15, 2014. We will present your wishes to the board who will then make the final determination. Thank you for your help as we attempt to establish a new policy going forward.

Using the straightaway to the left, trot to the halfway point on the correct diagonal. Halt. Canter on the correct lead to the end of the straightaway. Halt. Reverse and trot back on the correct diagonal, showing your horse.

On the straightaway to the right, trot on the right diagonal to the 1/4 point of the straightaway. Trot a circle and continue trotting to the 1/2 point. Halt. Canter on the left lead to the 3/4 point, canter a left circle and continue cantering to the end of the straightaway. Halt. Reverse and trot back to the lineup showing two changes of diagonal.

Using the straightaway to your left, jog to the end of the straightaway. Lope around the corner. Halt. Jog a circle and continue down the straightaway to the lineup.

Using the straightaway on the right, jog to the 2/3 mark. Halt. Using the width of the arena, complete a two loop serpentine at the jog. Halt. Reverse and back four steps. Continue down the rail at a lope to the 2/3 mark, drop to the jog and return to the lineup.