2019 MHSA Points

Show Horses and Ponies

The following are Points for the Show Horse and Pony Division for the 2019 horse show season. These points reflect show results from all Show Horse & Pony shows up until Aug 23, 2019.

Please review this page carefully and contact your SHP Point Secretary at mhsamembership@gmail.com if you have any questions or note any discrepancies. Please also check spelling and correctness of horse names and owner information.

You must earn points from at least two MHSA recognized shows during the current show season to be eligible for an end-of-year award. All points earned in a single show, and therefore ineligible for a year end award.

“Owner” is the individual who nominated the horse, and may or may not be the true owner of the horse.

Show Horse and Pony Point Standings   
Through September 30, 2019
Five-Gaited Division
Five-Gaited OpenReedann's Count MysterySally Briney8
Five-Gaited Jr HorseMemories Cool GirlTaylor Thompson8
Five-Gaited AmateurLeather N GraceKelly Stewart39
Born To Be SpiritedAlly Diel2
Five-Gaited LadiesReedann's Count MysterySally Briney24
Born To Be SpiritedAlly Diel2
Five-Gaited Jr ExMemories Cool GirlTaylor Thompson22
Three-Gaited Division
Three-Gaited OpenLady PradaMarinell Zion17
Undulata's Power Broker ERBKennedy Wisdom2
Bet Your ButtonsSarah Riley2
Three-Gaited LadiesLady PradaMarinell Zion2
Three-Gaited Jr ExUndulata's Power Broker ERBKennedy Wisdom10
Lighter Than HeirGrace Markel10
Three-Gaited PonyLighter Than HeirGrace Markel8
Park Pleasure Division
Three-Gaited Park Pleasure OpenAlamo JoeLynn Brown8
Out To Charm YaAlly Diel2
Globetrotter's Careless CaperElla Zacherl2
Three-Gaited Park Pleasure AmateurGrand VisionSally Briney14
Show Pleasure Division
Three-Gaited Show Pleasure All AgesAnastasia Steele SSKatherine Walker24
Juicy CoutureSarah Riley6
Grand VisionSally Briney6
Wind Up ToyMegan Bishop4
VuvuzelaGrace Parsons2
Three-Gaited Show Pleasure AdultCH Kalarama's MesmerizedLynn Brown14
Globetrotter's Careless CaperElla Zacherl10
Halle HallelujahMargie Torkelson2
Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Jr ExOur Belle of the BallCassie Forgione67
Expect To FlyEmma Steward64
Anastasia Steele SSKatherine Walker22
Shake It OffEllie Mendenhall20
Wind Up ToyMegan Bishop16
VuvuzelaGrace Parsons14
Juicy CoutureSarah Riley14
Monnington's Salted CaramelMorgan Peer12
Globetrotter's Careless CaperElla Zacherl2
Show Pleasure DrivingSociety's IsabellaSally Briney42
Shake It Off Ellie Mendenhall4
Five-Gaited Show Pleasure OpenAlmost FamousCathy McKinley25
The Titan SwingmanMitzi Kessler14
Tis The SeasonShirley Richardson8
Undulata's Perfect AlibiAlexandra Bonham4
Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Jr ExBlack Knight's HeirKali Lachner14
Undulata's Perfect AlibiAlexandra Bonham6
Five-Gaited Show Pleasure AdultAlmost FamousCathy McKinley28
The Titan SwingmanMitzi Kessler15
Country Pleasure Division
Country English Pleasure All AgesBet Your ButtonsAlexandra Bonham11
Country English Pleasure AdultCH MojitoAnn Horton82
Alamo JoeLynn Brown6
Romeo's Night OutPaula Hildebrand3
Country English Pleasure Jr ExBet Your ButtonsAlexandra Bonham14
Country Pleasure Driving AdultRomeo's Night OutPaula Hildebrand14
Mardi Gras MemoriesLaura Logan10
Country Western Pleasure OpenCH Brush Creeks EastwoodValerie Boelsen104
Ever Glades HotspurJack Swanson42
Society's Dream CatcherKatherine Walker40
Midd's BangkokPaula Gordon40
Last CastleLeta Corwin36
Just A SmudgeJenny Paetz20
Legendary PrinceJack Swanson12
Country Western Pleasure Jr ExSociety's Dream CatcherKatherine Walker16
Country Hunter PleasureThe King's SpeechJanet Thompson184
A Touch of Deja BlueJenny Paetz76
Last CastleLeta Corwin68
Sky FlierAnnie Cartwright22
Exalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel8
Country Hunter Pleasure Jr ExDoin' Time MoonshineKris Wallace2
Arabian Division
MHSA Arabian English PleasureWinter Is ComingTabitha Davisson16
DM Tru ClassicheKris Wallace8
Champagne's HeritageJane Gaines6
Eighties Lady ElizabethKris Wallace2
MHSA Arabian Western PleasureEighties Lady ElizabethKris Wallace6
MHSA Arabian Hunter PleasureEighties Lady ElizabethKris Wallace4
MHSA Arabian Native CostumeWinter Is ComingTabitha Davisson36
Champagne's HeritageJane Gaines6
Eighties Lady ElizabethKris Wallace2
Open Pleasure Division
MHSA Saddle Type ModelJuicy CoutureSarah Riley67
Bet Your ButtonsAlexandra Bonham47
Shine On MiracleAllie Unruh22
VuvuzelaGrace Parsons19
Mac's Poker FacePatti Potts10
MHSA Open English PleasureJuicy CoutureSarah Riley75
Paddyngton's Special EffectCathy Harris31
Exalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel20
Alamo JoeLynn Brown14
Eighties Lady ElizabethKris Wallace12
Last CastleLeta Corwin10
VuvuzelaGrace Parsons10
Out To Charm YaAlly Diel10
DM Tru ClassicheKris Wallace8
Undulata's Perfect AlibiAlexandra Bonham8
Globetrotter's Careless CaperElla Zacherl6
Bet Your ButtonsAlexandra Bonham2
MHSA Open English Pleasure Jr ExJuicy CoutureSarah Riley12
Bet Your ButtonsAlexandra Bonham8
VuvuzelaGrace Parsons5
MHSA Open Hunter PleasureA Touch of Deja BlueJenny Paetz36
Last CastleLeta Corwin8
Dm Tru ClassicheKris Wallace6
The Phantom PistolLily Callahan4
Eighties Lady ElizabethKris Wallace2
Sky FlierAnnie Cartwright2
MHSA Open Pleasure DrivingGriffin's Black VelvetStacey Swalla20
Morgan Division
Morgan English PleasureLPV Center Stage GCHCathy McKinley12
Morgan Classic PleasureCBMF Duplicity CHNoor Jerath19
LPV Center Stage GCHCathy McKinley10
Morgan Pleasure DrivingGriffin's Black VelvetStacey Swalla32
Morgan Classic Pleasure DrivingGriffin's Black VelvetStacey Swalla3
Morgan Western PleasureGRM Top StuffMary & Earnie Holloway28
Beaujolais NouveauKris Wallace6
Morgan Hunter PleasureLPV Center Stage GCHCathy McKinley51
GRM Top StuffMary & Earnie Holloway4
Morgan Park SaddleQueen's ProtégéEllie Mendenhall1
Miscellaneous Divisions
Parade Horse OpenJohhny's Fancy AffairConnie & Roger Pruden57
Sparks In The HeirConnie & Roger Pruden28
Western Division
Western Pleasure Jr ExNot That AppySabrina Young2
Western Pleasure OpenCH Brush Creek's EastwoodValerie Boelsen42
Last CastleLeta Corwin16
Sir Starfire BayJessica Grosz16
Beaujolais NouveauKris Wallace10
Not That AppySabrina Young8
Just A SmudgeJenny Paetz4
Midd's BangkokPaula Gordon2
Stock Type Western PleasureNot That AppySabrina Young10
Open TrailLegendary PrinceJack Swanson32
Last CastleLeta Corwin30
Ever Glade's HotspurJack Swanson22
CH Brush Creek's EastwoodValerie Boelsen20
Society's DreamcatcherKatherine Walker10
A Touch of Deja BlueJenny Paetz9
Just A SmudgeJenny Paetz7
Pony Division
Harness PonyHeartland CalypsoCathy Harris8
Shetland PonySatin PrincessCathy Harris8
Ready For ActionCathy Harris4
Shetland Roadster PonyPerfectly AbleCathy Harris10
Roadster Division
Roadster PonyJava JoeMegan Place63
Heartland AristocratAnthony Mead16
Tennesee Walking Horse Division
Pleasure 2-GaitMac's Poker FacePayten Rose98
Shine On MiracleAllie Unruh52
Chance's Magical DustDarryl/Gina Vehige26
Hot Off The PressDarryl/Gina Vehige8
Pleasure 3-GaitMac's Cadillac JackPatti Potts2
Trail Pleasure 2-GaitMac's Poker FacePayten Rose73
Shine On MiracleAllie Unruh36
Chance's Magical DustDarryl/Gina Vehige36
Hot Off The PressDarryl/Gina Vehige8
Country Pleasure 2-GaitMac's Poker FacePayten Rose49
Shine On MiracleAllie Unruh34
Hot Off The PressDarryl/Gina Vehige20
Chance's Magical DustDarryl/Gina Vehige6
Spotted Saddle Horse Division
Open Pleasure 2-GaitHot Off The PressDarryl/Gina Vehige24
Open Pleasure 3-GaitHot Off The PressDarryl/Gina Vehige8
Open Gaited Breed
OGB Open Pleasure 2-GaitMac's Poker FacePayten Rose49
Hot Off The PressDarryl/Gina Vehige36
Chance's Magical DustDarryl/Gina Vehige26
Shine On MiracleAllie Unruh18
OGB Open Pleasure 3-GaitHot Off The PressDarryl/Gina Vehige8
Saddle Seat Equitation WTAddy Mead9
Saddle Seat Performance WTCorbin Danuser90
Jessica Brookshire58
Addy Mead15
Saddle Seat Equitation 13 & UnderGracie Weissman18
Saddle Seat Equitation 14-17Gabriella Snyder48
Lillian Johnson32
Channing Turner6
Saddle Seat Pleasure Equitation 13 & UnderAbigail Van Kooten38
Grace De Ronde21
Ella Zacherl16
Saddle Seat Pleasure Equitation 14-17Karlyn Connolly50
Morgan Peer30
Noor Jerath16
Ellie Mendenhall 14
Grace Parsons12
Katherine Walker 12
Megan Bishop2
Stock Seat Equitation 17 & UnderSabrina Young8
Grace Parsons2
Stock Seat Equitation 18 & OverRyenn Johns12
Melissa Richter8
Hunter Seat Equitation 18 & OverLeta Corwin14
Melissa Richter8
Academy Division
Leadline 8 & Under WT EquitationSophia Bucheck8
Serenity Schuler1
Leadline 8 & Under WT HorsemanshipSophia Bucheck10
Serenity Schuler2
Saddle Seat WT Equitation 14 & OverJustin Rector30
Tarah Sadowski6
Saddle Seat WT Horsemanship 14 & OverJustin Rector16
Tarah Sadowski12
Saddle Seat WT Equitation 11-13Ava McGee44
Molly Angell44
Hayden Steinkeuhler21
Ella Schippert6
Saddle Seat WT Horsemanship 11-13Ava McGee34
Molly Angell26
Hayden Steinkeuhler19
Ella Schippert8
Saddle Seat WT Equitation 10 & UnderLia Childers7
Anna Schippert6
Saddle Seat WT Horsemanship 10 & UnderLia Childers9
Anna Schippert8
Saddle Seat WTC Equitation 17 & UnderMagnolia Jones75
Samantha Ladd57
Grace Grygiel18
Ayla Kinney4
Saddle Seat WTC Horsemanship 17 & UnderMagnolia Jones60
Samantha Ladd31
Grace Grygiel20
Ayla Kinney3
Hunt Seat WT EquitationAlia Schippert10
Hunt Seat WT HorsemanshipAli Schippert4
Stock Seat Walk & Jog EquitationLia Childers1
Stock Seat Walk & Jog HorsemanshipLia Childers1