Show Horses and Ponies

The following are the final points for the 2022 season.
Please review this page carefully and contact your SHP Points Secretary at if you have any questions or note any discrepancies. Please also check spelling and correctness of horse names and owner information. (Owner is the individual who nominated the horse, and may or may not be the true owner of the horse.)
You must earn points from at least two MHSA recognized shows during the current show season to be eligible for an end-of-year award in any given division.

“Owner” is the individual who nominated the horse, and may or may not be the true owner of the horse.



Show Horse and Pony Points 2022    
These are the final points for the 2022 show season.
An asterisk by the points means there was only one show and therefore it is not eligible for year-end awards.
Five-Gaited Division
Five-GaitedReedann's Count MysterySally Jo & Paula Briney40
Wingswept Joke's On YouAshley Morgan6
Millions of DreamsPaula Hildebrand6*
Three-Gaited Division
Three-GaitedOracle's KissCindy Harris15
Three-Gaited Jr ExhibitorAs Accounted By CarlSamantha Silverstein60
Three-Gaited Park Division
Three-Gaited ParkExclamation Mark!Corbin Danuser10
Fox Grape's At First SightLaura Logan3
Howdy Partner RWFAshley Morgan2*
Three-Gaited Park Jr ExhibitorExclamation Mark!Corbin Danuser26
Park PleasureMark Me TooPaula Hildebrand30
CH Harlem's Wild and WonderfulLynn Brown24*
Fine Harness
Fine Harness OpenFox Grape's At First SightLaura Logan2*
Show Pleasure
Three-Gaited Show Pleasure AdultTwo Socks and a DotFelicia Metivier82
CH-Eq Harlem's Wild and WonderfulLynn Brown74
Out To Charm Ya!Ally Diel10
Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Jr ExhibitorCH So CoGrace Markel106
TSV The Mystery ContinuesAlivia Garwood23
Mark Me TooPaula Hildebrand16*
Undulata's Saturday NightKennedy Wisdom4*
Five-Gaited Show Pleasure AdultAlmost FamousCathy McKinley39
Tis The SeasonShirley Richardson8
Wingswept Joke's On YouAshley Morgan6
Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Jr ExhibitorRidgewood's Looking for BlueCharlotte Struckhoff16
Country Pleasure
Country English PleasureWinsdown Day TraderJustin Rector8*
Country English Pleasure 14-17It's All About the GameMorgan Peer78
Romeo's Night OutPaula Hildebrand34
Undulata's Saturday NightKennedy Wisdom22
Winsdown Day TraderJustin Rector18
I MACHattie Francis1*
Country English Pleasure 13 and UnderGolightly Lite O MornAudrey King34
Five-Gaited Country PleasureFoxgrape's LarkspurAshley Morgan26
Country Western Pleasure OpenSociety's DreamcatcherSally Jo & Paula Briney90
It's All About the GameMorgan Peer72
The Kansas City ChiefJanet Thompson36
Bi Mi Southern KissDon & Carolyn Hardaway44
CH Brush Creek's EastwoodValerie Boelsen24
Grand GestureTaylor Phillips6*
Country Western Pleasure Jr ExIt's All About the GameMorgan Peer48
Callaway's Two Minute WarningMichele Daniels8
Country Hunter PleasureThe King's SpeechJanet Thompson122
Diabolical's Full ColorAlexandra Bonham17
Open Pleasure Division
MHSA Saddle-Type ModelDiabolical's Full ColorAlexandra Bonham7
K & J's Secret AgentAlexandra Bonham4*
The BatmobileRylie Bryant2*
With DignityAlexandra Bonham2*
MHSA Open English PleasureTimberview's JustinKathy Rieber67
Celtic Lullaby SGFAmy Ehrhardt30
Out To Charm Ya!Ally Diehl10
MHSA Open English Pleasure AmateurCeltic LullabyAmy Ehrhardt28
MHSA Open English Pleasure Jr ExhibitorTimberview's JustinKathy Rieber16
Golightly Lite O MornAudrey King14
Royal Flush SKFRylie Bryant11
One Night In BangkokSamantha Silverstein6*
I MACHattie Francis2*
MHSA Open Hunter PleasureSweet Maggie MayCathy & Paul Harris74
Grand GestureTaylor Phillips12*
Diabolical's Full ColorAlexandra Bonham6
MHSA Open Pleasure DrivingTimberview's JustinKathy Rieber29
My Fortune TellerSally Jo & Paula Briney12*
Sweet Maggie MayCathy & Paul Harris1*
Arabian Division
MHSA Arabian English PleasureWinter Is ComingTabitha Davisson12
MHSA Arabian Native CostumeWinter Is ComingTabitha Davisson14
Morgan Division
English PleasureLPV Center Stage GCHCathy McKinley2*
Classic PleasureLPV Center Stage GCHCathy McKinley18
Park SaddleRyan's ValentinoSamantha Silverstein16
Pleasure DrivingHe's A StarboyEarnie & Mary Holloway18
HVK Daring DanceCathy McKinley4*
Western PleasureHVK Daring DanceCathy McKinley18
Hunter PleasureLPV Center Stage GCHCathy McKinley28
He's A StarboyEarnie & Mary Holloway25
Parade Horse OpenJohnny's Fancy AffairConnie & Roger Pruden64
Paddynton's Special EffectCathy & Paul Harris53
Memories Rocket BoyConnie & Roger Pruden15
Western Division
Western Pleasure Jr ExCallaway's Two Minute WarningMichele Daniels2*
Western Pleasure OpenGrand GestureTaylor Phillips26
Bi Mi Southern KissDon & Carolyn Hardaway16*
HVK Daring DanceCathy McKinley16*
Open TrailThe Kansas City ChiefJanet Thompson54
Bi Mi Southern KissDon & Carolyn Hardaway50
CH Brush Creek's EastwoodValerie Boelsen28
Nocturnal Question HeirJanet Thompson18
IMACHattie Francis1*
Ranch Pleasure RailThe Kansas City ChiefJanet Thompson74
IMACHattie Francis56
Nocturnal Question HeirJanet Thompson52
Bi Mi Southern KissDon & Carolyn Hardaway42
Ranch RidingBi Mi Southern KissDon & Carolyn Hardaway34
IMACHattie Francis31
The Kansas City ChiefJanet Thompson22
Nocturnal Question HeirJanet Thompson12*
CH Brush Creek's EastwoodValerie Boelsen2*
Ranch TrailBi Mi Southern KissDon & Carolyn Hardaway52
CH Brush Creek's EastwoodValerie Boelsen30
IMACHattie Francis30
Nocturnal Question HeirJanet Thompson10*
The Kansas City ChiefJanet Thompson8
Hackney Pony Division
Hackney Pony Pleasure DrivingLast CallCathy McKinley44
Hackney Pony Under SaddleThe BatmobileRylie Bryant34
Harness Pony Division
Harness PonyHeartland CalypsoCathy & Paul Harris12
Shetland Pony Division
Shetland Harness PonyReady For ActionCathy & Paul Harris14
Shetland Pony Pleasure DrivingSweet Baby RayCathy & Paul Harris8*
Shetland Roadster PonyElectric Lady In Red BPCathy & Paul Harris4*
Sweet Baby RayCathy & Paul Harris4*
Roadster Pony Division
Roadster PonyK & J's Secret AgentAlexandra Bonham11
Barely Street LegalCathy & Paul Harris2*
Roadster Pony Under SaddleK & J's Secret AgentAlexandra Bonham8
Saddle Seat Equitation 10&Under WTAva Graves40
Brynlee Brown6
Malia Marek1*
Saddle Seat Performance 12&Under WTMalia Marek38
Brynlee Brown14
Saddle Seat Equitation 13&UnderAlivia Garwood64
Shaye Jensen22
Rylie Bryant7
Saddle Seat Equitation 14-17Emma Suedmeyer88
Morgan Peer66
Samantha Silverstein36
Abigail Van Kooten24
Gracie DeRonde22
Ella Hartwick2*
Stock Seat Equitation 17&UnderGrace Scruggs7
Saddle Seat WTC Equitation 14-17Grace Grygiel56
Ayla Kinney48
Ava Mcgee34
Samantha Ladd20*
Ali Zaber20
Olivia Schaeffer4*
Saddle Seat WTC Horsemanship 14-17Grace Grygiel66
Ayla Kinney38
Ali Zaber26
Ava McGee22
Olivia Schaeffer20*
Samantha Ladd16*
Saddle Seat WTC Equitation 11-13Ava Dittmer37
Saddle Seat WTC Horsemanship 11-13Ava Dittmer27
Saddle Seat WT Equitation 11-17Lyla Robb53
Ariana Willenburg30
Saddle Seat WT Horsemanship 11-17Lyla Robb62
Ariana Willenburg36
Saddle Seat WT Equitation 8-10Maclyn Hairston31
Mae Robb18
Saddle Seat WT Horsemanship 8-10Mae Robb36
Maclyn Hairston25
Saddle Seat WT Equitation 7&UnderBrynlee Brown8*
Saddle Seat WT Horsemanship 7&UnderBrynlee Brown8*
Hunt Seat WT EquitationMegan Lockey16
Hunt Seat WT HorsemanshipMegan Lockey16