On March 7 at 1:00pm, Fairview Farm located in New Bloomfield, MO was struck with the most tragic event a horse barn could ever imagine.  Fire consumed the Brison’s beautiful barns, home to world champion American Saddlebred horses. Seven horses were lost, as well as three dogs.

MHSA has been inundated with questions as to what we as a horse community can do to help. At this time, any contribution can and will help the Brison family get back on their feet and rebuild their business.  We hope to provide further information regarding equipment donations in the very near future. We don’t want to create a secondary disaster by ‘flooding’ the Brison’s with so much ‘stuff’ they have to wade through it to figure out what to do with it all.

For now, one way YOU can help is to go to the website, https://gofundme.com/fairviewfarm and make your donation. You may do so anonymously, or you can add your name to the list of others who have already donated.

Other ways to donate is to contact the UPHA Foundation (the Dewey Henderson Benevolent Fund) at www.uphaonline.com or UPHA Chapter V at www.uphachapter5.com.

For now, the remaining horses have been moved to other barns in the area, and are being cared for by other barn owners and volunteers.

We hope to keep you posted as to other ways we can help the Brison’s and their customers on this webpage as we get the information.