The following is from and about Lisa Siderman and her American Saddlebred gelding, Tux when they finished 12th in their first 100 mile endurance ride. Congratulations to both of them!


“Whew! So many lessons learned on the trail yesterday. We started out really strong and were riding in the top 5 but I realized that my saddle pad was crooked and I had to compensate with one leg until the vet check, plus I had my stirrups bout 1/4 ” too far forward so I was out of alignment. It took a toll on my body by mile 70! Energy I could have used at that point. Also Wrong helmet -cooked my brain until vet check 4 back at camp where I could change it. I realized that I need to plan my meals better too. You lose your appetite on these rides and you must force yourself to eat but nothing sounds good. I’ve heard pbj is the answer? Loved my new Nathan hydration pack (thanks to Nina for posting hers-I ordered one asap). Aside from being incredibly tired-need more glute work at the gym -I need to learn to really ride in the dark. I mean the DARK. It is pretty terrifying trotting with no light. I know Tux can see the trail but the thought of getting dumped in the middle of the desert at night – and trampled by the next night rider? – was too much. Plus there is vertigo and the accompanying nausea…. So I decided we would walk the rest of the way -20 miles. That added 4 hours. Sometimes I was on Tux’s back and sometimes next to him until I could find a rock to stand on. But we did it. He is just an amazing horse. So much heart and He followed the trail like a Genius wink emoticon . I rode with many people I met for the first time and some I have ridden with before -what a great group endurance riders are. Special thanks to Trenna who was waiting for us at every vet check with sloppy mash, a blanket, and a chair and food for me. She trotted out one tired horse at the finish and made him look like he could do another 100. She is a gem!!!! Thanks to all my friends for your good energy -I felt you along the trail!”