The Boone County Scholarship Program sponsored by Commerce Bank is open to all eighth grade students in Boone County. The program’s goals are to increase students’ knowledge of and appreciation for Boone County’s rick and varied history.

Eligibility:  Any eighth grade student who attends school (can be home-schooled) in Boone County and who, as of September, 2017, is a resident of Boone County, is eligible to compete.

Awards:  Two $1000 scholarships will be awarded by Commerce Bank to the students whose submission is chosen by the judges as 2017’s Boone County History Scholars.  The scholarships will be held in trust by the Boone County Historical Society for the students until, following high school graduation, the student contacts the Society and requests that the funds be transferred to the educational organization of the student’s choice.  The organization need not be a traditional university or college, but can provide any type of post-secondary educational opportunity the individual chooses to pursue.  Upon being notified of the request for the transfer of funds, the Historical Society will contact the educational organization and cause the funds to be transferred for the use of the History Scholar.

Competition Criteria for 2017:  The students shall produce an original piece of work, which may involve multiple media, but which must contain a written component of 500-1,000 words, about either of the following topics:
Some aspect of Boone County’s equestrian history
Some aspect of scientific discovery or other STEM-related endeavor that has occurred in Boone County.

Process:  It is anticipated that eighth graders in Boone County will be informed of the existence of this program and their eligibility to compete no later than the first week of the 2017-2018 school year. Submissions may be made to any eighth grade teacher in Boone County, who will deliver or cause to be delivered, the submissions to Janet Thompson at or 801 East Walnut, Room 333, Columbia, MO 65201, no later than 4pm, September 29, 2017.
Students may also individually make their submissions to Janet Thompson at either the email or street address listed above by the same date and time.
ALL submissions MUST contain the following identifying information:
Name and contact information of the student
Name of school
Name oand contact information of teacher
Name and contact information of school principal