Please look them over carefully, checking for spelling or point errors or discrepancies. Contact your Eventing Division Point Secretary if you have any questions or concerns.
Please note,  you must have a minimum of 3 scores from at least 1 MHSA recognized show, and 1 Horse Trials to be eligible for a year-end award.

Eventing Division Point Secretary:

Christy DeMauro
Final Standings for 2019

Horse Trials     
LevelPlaceHorse NameOwner NamePoints
Training1Royal Crest's Granite PermissionLily Callahan42
Training2Rewrite The StarsWinnie Branscum24
Training3Sudden Impulse RSFLacey Messick4
Novice1My SecretaryAnne Branscum63
Novice2Sudden Impulse RSFLacey Messick43
Novice2Jude MoonChristina DeMauro43
Novice3CH Absolute EmpressJean Mutrux41
Novice4BeowulfEmily Bruhn31
Novice5Cat On A MissionKris Wallace4
Novice5Royal Crest's Granite PermissionLily Callahan4
NoviceRewrite The StarsWinnie Branscum0
Beginner Novice1Turn SignalJulie Simmons57
Beginner Novice2Queenstown BayLynette Scott53
Beginner Novice3Ari GoldHolly Goen45
Beginner Novice4Cat On A MissionKris Wallace13
Beginner Novice5DM Tru ClassicheKris Wallace1
Beginner Novice5My Prayer WarriorKris Wallace1
Starter1GrannaAnna Gaffney31
Starter2The Phantom PistolLily Callahan15
Starter3MinesweeperKelsey Fisher10
Starter4Merida's Fate TrainKris Wallace3
LevelHorse NameOwner NamePoints
Training1Rewrite The StarsWinnie Branscum3
Novice1Royal Crest's Granite PermissionLily Callahan7
Novice2Absolute LionheartKris Wallace5
Novice2Sudden Impulse RSFLacey Messick5
Novice3DolcettoAli Aitken2
NoviceMy SecretaryAnne Branscum0
NoviceRewrite The StarsWinnie Branscum0
Beginner Novice1DolcettoAli Aitken7
Beginner Novice2LionsonMackena Mehrhoff3
Beginner Novice3Exalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel2
Beginner Novice3BeowulfEmily Bruhn2
Beginner Novice3Turn SignalJulie Simmons2
Beginner Novice4Ari GoldHolly Goen1
Beginner NoviceCat On A MissionKris Wallace0
Starter1DolcettoAli Aitken3
Green As Grass1Mint Brook Ruby TwilightRobyn Armer3
Adult Amateur1Anne Branscum63
Adult Amateur2Julie Simmons59
Adult Amateur3Lynette Scott53
Adult Amateur4Lacey Messick52
Adult Amateur5Christina DeMauro43
Adult Amateur6Anna Gaffney31
Jr/YR1Winifred Branscum27