Please look them over carefully, and contact your MHSA Dressage Point Secretary, Christy DeMauro if you have any questions.
Updated 01/09/19

LevelHorse NameOwner NamePoints
IntroGHS Countess CalistoLily Callahan4
Cat On a MissionKris Wallace7Not Enough Shows
BoewulfEmily Bruhn5Not Enough Shows
Phantom PistolLily Callahan4Not Enough Shows
TrainingLe Commandante PTMissie Nicholls24
Tally Ho's DalwhinnieMissie Nicholls14
Stars-n-StyleJennifer & Alexis Bacon11
Pour Me AnotherTammy Seaborn10
DelstonKari Felton9
Royal Crest's Granite PermissionLily Callahan8Not Enough Shows
WillingMaggie Norton6Not Enough Shows
BoewulfEmily Bruhn5Not Enough Shows
FirstDolce VitaTammy Seaborn25
Absolute EmpressJean Mutrux21
Stars-n-StyleJennifer & Alexis Bacon16
Tally Ho's DalwhinnieMissie Nicholls12
Royal Crest's Granite PermissionLily Callahan5Not Enough Shows
FourthRedeeming GraceKari Felton19
FEIRedeeming GraceKari Felton27
WesternConsider the SourceJennifer & Alexis Bacon24
Dressage Riders
Jr/Yr RiderAlexis Bacon27
Lily Callahan21
Maggie Norton6Not Enough Shows
AA RiderMissie Nicholls37
Tammy Seaborn33
Jennifer Bacon24
LevelHorse NameOwner NameAverage Precent
IntroGHS Countess CalistoLily Callahan60.2002
Phantom PistolLily Callahan63.438Not Enough Shows
Cat On a MissionKris Wallace66.094Not Enough Shows
BoewulfEmily Bruhn77.25Not Enough Shows
Ari GoldKris Wallace54.5Not Enough Shows
TrainingBoewulfEmily Bruhn70.218Not Enough Shows
DelstonKari Felton67.717Not Enough Shows
Royal Crest's Granite PermissonLily Callahan67.588Not Enough Shows
Pour Me AnotherTammy Seaborn64.545
WillingMaggie Norton63.905Not Enough Shows
Le Commandte PTMissie Nicholls62.227
Tally Ho's DalwhinnieMissie Nicholls59.269
Stars-n-StyleJennifer & Alexis Bacon58.549
Ari GoldKris Wallace51.522Not Enough Shows
FirstDolce VitaTammy Seaborn66.585
Absolute EmpressJean Mutrux63.8383
Stars-n-StyleJennifer & Alexis Bacon59.801
Tally Ho's DalwhinnieMissie Nicholls58.79625
Royal Crest's Granite PermissonLily Callahan53.889Not Enough Shows
FourthRedeeming GraceKari Felton66.0446
FEIRedeeming GraceKari Felton62.952
WesternConsider the SourceJennifer & Alexis Bacon60.16956