Please look them over carefully, and contact your MHSA Dressage Point Secretary, Christy DeMauro if you have any questions.
As of April 2, 2019

LevelHorse NameOwner NamePoints
IntroCat On A MissionKris Wallace8
IntroMint Brook Ruby TwilightRobyn Armer6
IntroBeowulfEmily Bruhn3
IntroExalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel1
IntroThe RocketmanKris Wallace0
TrainingExalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel6
TrainingBeowulfEmily Bruhn5
TrainingAbsolute LionheartKris Wallace3
TrainingThe RocketmanKris Wallace1
Jr/YrKynsee Fennel7
LevelHorse NameOwner NamePrecent
IntroBeowulfEmily Bruhn74.25
IntroCat On A MissionKris Wallace64.37560.31366.75
IntroExalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel64.25
IntroMint Brook Ruby TwilightRobyn Armer56.87556.87566.87561.25
IntroThe RocketmanKris Wallace54
TrainingAbsolute LionheartKris Wallace57.88563.96668.103
TrainingBeowulfEmily Bruhn64.61568.103
TrainingExalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel66.15466.034
TrainingThe RocketmanKris Wallace55.57751.73153.621