Please look them over carefully, and contact your MHSA Dressage Point Secretary, Christy DeMauro if you have any questions.
As of June 30, 2019

LevelHorse NameOwner NamePoints
IntroCat On A MissionKris Wallace8
Mint Brook Ruby TwilightRobyn Armer6
Lady RaptureKari Felton5
BeowulfEmily Bruhn3
Exalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel1
The RocketmanKris Wallace0
TrainingTally Ho's DalwhinnieMissy Nicholls31
Cocktail HourTammy Seaborn8
Exalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel6
BeowulfEmily Bruhn5
Absolute LionheartKris Wallace3
The RocketmanKris Wallace1
FirstTally Ho's DalwhinnieMissy Nicholls3
SecondDolce VitaTammy Seaborn16
CH Absolute EmpressJean Mutrux12
FEIRedeeming GraceKari Felton30
WillanoKaren Spradling2
Division Name RiderPoints
Jr/Yr Kynsee Fennel7
AA Karen Spradling2
Tammy Seaborn24
Missy Nicholls34

LevelHorse NameOwner NamePrecent              
IntroBeowulfEmily Bruhn74.25
Cat On A MissionKris Wallace64.37560.31366.75
Exalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel64.25
Lady RaptureKari Felton70.93869.063
Mint Brook Ruby TwilightRobyn Armer56.87556.87566.87561.25
The RocketmanKris Wallace54
TrainingAbsolute LionheartKris Wallace57.88563.96668.103
BeowulfEmily Bruhn64.61568.103
Cocktail HourTammy Seaborn63.10360
Exalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel66.15466.034
Tally Ho's DalwhinnieMissy Nicholls53.44859.82860.8626060.57763.07759.80855.6958.26954.80852.9316058.8465564.423
The RocketmanKris Wallace55.57751.73153.621
FirstTally Ho's DalwhinnieMissy Nicholls53.79360.862
SecondCH Absolute EmpressJean Mutrux69.14666.54863.41564.286
Dolce VitaTammy Seaborn64.26857.19559.28654.048
FEIRedeeming GraceKari Felton68.67662.05964.33862.562.35364.70662.35370.41168.08861.765
WillanoKaren Spradling62.64753.824
WWU March Completely Relaxed Schooling Show
Raincheck Schooling show NEC May 2019
NEC Schooling show March
April at the Arch 1&2
WWU April USDF show
Centerline Dressage classic I and II
KC Dressage Society at Longview I and II
SLADS Summer