Please look them over carefully, and contact your MHSA Dressage Point Secretary, Christy DeMauro if you have any questions.

The following points are for 2021 season.

You must earn points from at least two MHSA recognized shows/tests during the current show season to be eligible for an end-of-year award.

Note: An asterisk next to the points means “Highest test of level not ridden and/or not enough tests ridden” and are ineligible for year end awards

Highest Test of the level CompletedMinimum of three scores from at least two MHSA competitionsLevelHorse NameOwner NamePoints   
YesNoTrainingMinesweeperKelsey Fischer0
YesNoTrainingPray For RainJulie Simmons0
YesNoTrainingTurn SignalJulie Simmons0
YesNoTrainingSuch A FlirtJean Mutrux15
YesNoFirstMinesweeperKelsey Fisher3
YesNoSecondMinesweeperKelsey Fisher5
NoNoFourthCH Absolute EmpressJean Mutrux6
YesNoWesternHH BuckshotJennifer Grumich4
AAKelsey Fisher3
AAJulie Simmons0
AAJennifer Grumich4
LevelHorse NameOwner Name
YesNoTrainingMinesweeperKelsey Fischer61.897%
YesNoTrainingPray For RainJulie Simmons57.069%
YesNoTrainingTurn SignalJulie Simmons56.207%
YesNoTrainingSuch A FlirtJean Mutrux67.414%67.069%65.345%67.586%
YesNoFirstMinesweeperKelsey Fisher57.414%58.889%52.5%
YesNoSecondMinesweeperKelsey Fisher53.514%41.786%
NoNoFourthCH Absolute EmpressJean Mutrux64.615%65.641%
YesNoWesternHH BuckshotJennifer Grumich59.4%62.115%66.346%
NEC Mar 13-14 schooling show