Please look them over carefully, and contact your MHSA Dressage Point Secretary, Christy DeMauro if you have any questions.

The following points the final points for the 2020 season.

You must earn points from at least two MHSA recognized shows/tests during the current show season to be eligible for an end-of-year award.

Note: An asterisk next to the points means “Highest test of level not ridden and/or not enough tests ridden” and are ineligible for year end awards

LevelHorse NameOwner NamePointsPlace
IntroMajestic Dancer NHFKari Felton411
IntroBrigadier's BackwatchMissie Nicholls282
IntroTen GuitarsKelsey Cole*11
TrainingMinesweeperKelsey Fisher481
TrainingSelahColleen Rull442
TrainingBrigadier's BackwatchMissie Nicholls253
TrainingLady RaptureKari Felton154
TrainingDonaire XFKari Felton105
TrainingTen GuitarsKelsey Cole105
TrainingWrocket ManChristina DeMauro86
TrainingStars In StyleAlexis Bacon5
TrainingChelloAlexis Bacon4
FirstLady RaptureKari Felton281
FirstTally Ho's DalwhinnieMissie Nicholls152
FirstMinesweeperKelsey Fisher*9
FirstChelloAlexis Bacon*8
FirstWrocket ManChristina DeMauro83
FirstSelahColleen Rull34
FirstStars In StyleAlexis Bacon*3
ThirdCH Absolute EmpressJean Mutrux291
FourthCH Absolute EmpressJean Mutrux*3
FEIWhispering New ImageKaren Spradling62
FEIWillanoKaren Spradling291
WesternConsider The SourceJennifer Bacon261
Division NamePoints
AA Kelsey Fisher481
AA Colleen Rull472
AA Jean Mutrux323
AA Karen Spradling294
AA Jennifer Bacon235
AA Christina DeMauro166
AA Missie Nicholls6
JR/Yr Alexis Bacon231
LevelHorse NameOwner NameAVERAGE
IntroTen GuitarsKelsey ColeN/A
IntroMajestic Dancer NHFKari Felton71.13568181821
IntroBrigadier's BackwatchMissie Nicholls67.49218752
TrainingSelahColleen Rull75.19057142861
TrainingWrocket ManChristina DeMauro72.5862
TrainingLady RaptureKari Felton68.534253
TrainingStars In StyleAlexis Bacon68.10344
TrainingBrigadier's BackwatchMissie Nicholls66.297755
TrainingMinesweeperKelsey Fisher64.80361111116
TrainingDonaire XFKari Felton64.282
TrainingTen GuitarsKelsey Cole62.974
TrainingChelloAlexis Bacon61.767
FirstChelloAlexis BaconN/A
FirstMinesweeperKelsey FisherN/A
FirstStars In StyleAlexis BaconN/A
FirstLady RaptureKari Felton67.8033751
FirstWrocket ManChristina DeMauro66.7362
FirstSelahColleen Rull64.79153
FirstTally Ho's DalwhinnieMissie Nicholls64.4518754
ThirdCH Absolute EmpressJean Mutrux61.64533333331
FourthCH Absolute EmpressJean MutruxN/A
FEIWhispering New ImageKaren Spradling58.23551
FEIWillanoKaren Spradling53.86018181822
WesternConsider The SourceJennifer Bacon67.87311111111