2018 MHSA Points

Show Horses and Ponies

The following are Points for the Show Horse and Pony Division for the 2018 horse show season. These points reflect show results from all Show Horse & Pony shows up to and including those held June 30 except the Germantown Show and Bev Cathgard Memorial Benefit Show.

Please review this page carefully and contact your SHP Point Secretary at showhorsesponiespointssecretary@missourihorseshowsassociation.org if you have any questions or note any discrepancies. Please also check spelling and correctness of horse names and owner information.

You must have earned points from at least two MHSA recognized shows during the current show season to be eligible for an end-of-year award. All points earned in a single show, and therefore ineligible for a year end award and do not appear in this final point tally.

“Owner” is the individual who nominated the horse, and may or may not be the true owner of the horse.


Points through July 31 - does NOT include PEHSC    
DivisionClassHorse NameOwner NamePoints
ASB Five Gaited
Five Gaited OpenReedann's Count MysterySally Jo Briney20
Ridgefield's Wild CardPaula Hildebrand12
Good St. NickGayle Lampe8
Desert's Believe In MeSusan Courtney1
Five Gaited AmateurI'm All Dressed UpStephens College32
Phine CharmKathelyn Young3
Five Gaited LadiesRidgefield's Wild CardGayle Lampe19
Five Gaited Junior ExhibitorLa FuriaTaylor Thompson11
ASB Three Gaited
Three Gaited OpenLady PradaMiddendorf Farms2
Three Gaited AmateurGipper's Courageous Comm.Cindy Harris14
Three Gaited LadiesThe King's Lady AnneStephens College8
Three Gaited Junior ExhibitorLady PradaMiddendorf Farms5
ASB Three Gaited Park
Three Gaited Park OpenMy Secret DiamondShari Lockett- Hamilton4
I Second The MotionLaura Logan3
Three Gaited Park AmateurRidin' HighStephens College14
Well Nuts!Stephens College10
Park Pleasure
Three Gaited Park Pleasure OpenOur Belle Of The BallCassie Forgione16
Midd's Jane TaiMiddendorf Farms16
Total DivaMarinell Zion5
Straight No ChaserZoie Vahabsadeh4
Three Gaited Park Pleasure AmateurI Second The MotionLaura Logan4
Three Gaited Park Pleasure Junior HorseGlobetrotter's Run and GunKimmy Schuster8
Impatiently WaitingPaula Hildebrand8
Fine Harness
ASB Show Pleasure
Three Gaited Show Pleasure, All AgesTango Till DawnStephens College40
My Secret DiamondShari Lockett-Hamilton22
Shake It OffEllie Mendenhall22
Wind Up ToyNancy Rosse Family10
WV He's A Phine DesignSamantha Bannister6
Globetrotter's MaybellineKathleen Jeffries4
Three Gaited Show Pleasure, AdultMy Secret DiamondShari Lockett- Hamilton16
CH Kalarama's MesmerizedLynn Brown11
Faraway Crazy CatStephens College3
Three Gaited Show Pleasure, Junior Exhibitor 14-17WV He's A Phine DesignSamantha Bannister20
CH Buckles, Boots 'N SpursNora Wade14
Straight No ChaserZoie Vahabzadeh12
I'm Mighty LuckyMiddendorf Farms1
Show Pleasure DrivingHarlem WendyCarolyn & Donald Hardaway24
Let's Seal the DealStephens College8
Society's IsabellaSally Jo Briney4
Five Gaited Show Pleasure, Adult ExhibitorAlmost FamousCathy McKinley30
Havana RhumbaStephens College28
River CardStephen's College26
Master of the RingKelly Stewart12
Tis The SeasonShirley Richardson6
Daring TalkBetty LaFrancis2
Five Gaited Show Pleasure, Junior ExhibitorCallaway's Good DirectionCatherine Poli20
Black Knight's HeirThe Lachner Family14
ASB Country Pleasure
Country English Pleasure, All AgesBet Your ButtonsSarah Riley7
VuvuzelaGrace Parsons2
Country English Pleasure, Adult ExhibitorRomeo's Night OutPaula Hildebrand115
CH MojitoAnn Horton64
My BobcatKathelyn Young32
The King's SpeechJanet Thompson27
Cool Cat DaddyBetty LaFrancis1
Country English Pleasure, Junior ExhibitorAbsolutely AlisonGwyneth Hamrah66
VuvuzelaGrace Parsons46
Grand GestureTaylor Phillips30
CH Radiant JoyCassie Forgione16
Bet Your ButtonsSarah Riley7
Country Pleasure Driving, Adult ExhibitorSoquili's Ticket to RideGarry Stelljes33
My BobcatKathelyn Young24
Society's IsabellaSally Jo Briney16
Country Western Pleasure, Adult/AmateurCH Brush Creek's EastwoodValerie Boelsen75
Ever Glades HotspurJack Swanson39
Jack StackDeidre Wood36
Best BeauCarolyn & Donald Hardaway25
Legendary PrinceJack Swanson19
Last CastleLeta Corwin16
Walterway' s Latest NewsGinny Beth Norton13
Fashion MasterCaroline Younkin12
Grand GestureTaylor Phillips11
Victor GaleCarolyn & Donald Hardaway8
Country Western Pleasure, Junior Exhibitor
Country Hunter PleasureThe King's SpeechJanet Thompson70
Last CastleLeta Corwin56
Get Myself ConnectedCristina Heet51
Sarah Jessica ParkerTracey Seals40
New York By StormNancy Rosse Family26
Sky FlierAnnie Cartwright20
A Touch of the BluesBecca Porter16
Walterway's Latest NewsGinny Beth Norton16
Royal Crest's Granite PermissionLily Callahan16
Absolute EmpressJean Mutrux8
The Phantom PistolLily Callahan4
Arabian Division
MHSA Arabian English PleasureWinter is ComingTabitha Davisson30
Malibu Barbie SFTara Rattray20
Champagne's HeritageJane Gaines14
DM Tru ClassicheKris Wallace6
VPF QuicksilverW. Ron Talburt4
RHC Hi Ho SilverHarley Hook4
MHSA Arabian Western PleasureMalibu Barbie SFTara Rattray6
MHSA Arabian Native CostumeWinter is ComingTabitha Davisson26
Champagne's HeritageJane Gaines12
DM Tru ClassicheKris Wallace4
VPF QuicksilverW. Ron Talburt2
Open Pleasure Division
MHSA Saddle Type ModelBet Your ButtonsSarah Riley37
She's Blinging BeautifulGalanos Farm31
VuvuzelaGrace Parsons13
Globetrotter's MaybellineKathleen Jeffries6
DM Tru ClassicheKris Wallace6
Shine On MiraclePayten Rose6
Black Knight's HeirLachner Family3
Globetrotter's Careless CaperAnna Zacherl2
Open English Pleasure, AdultCharming DelusionChristina Heet33
Bet Your ButtonsSarah Riley25
Halle HallelujahMarguerite Torkelson21
Dolce La VitaEmma Wycoff16
Exalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel14
Globetrotter's Careless CaperAnna Zacherl13
VuvuzelaGrace Parsons12
Dragon SlayerKris Wallace10
Get Myself ConnectedCristina Heet10
Walterway's Latest NewsGinny Beth Norton10
WillingMaggie Norton8
Straight No ChaserZoie Vahabzadeh7
Grand GestureTaylor Phillips5
Malibu Barbie SFTara Rattray4
Open English Pleasure, Jr ExhibitorVuvuzelaGrace Parsons20
River CardStephens College12
DM Tru ClassicheKris Wallace10
Straight No ChaserZoie Vahabzadeh10
WV He's A Phine DesignSamantha Bannister3
Doin' Time MoonshineKris Wallace2
Bet Your ButtonsSarah Riley2
Open Hunter PleasureGet Myself ConnectedCristina Heet30
Last CastleLeta Corwin22
Exalted Event SGFKynsee Fennel16
Malibu Barbie SFTara Rattray12
WillingMaggie Norton10
Capt'n JackKris Wallace8
The King's SpeechJanet Thompson7
BucknakedKris Wallace6
DM Tru ClassicheKris Wallace6
Sky FlierAnnie Cartwright4
A Touch of the BluesBecca Porter2
Open Hunter Pleasure Junior ExhibitorDM Tru ClassicheKris Wallace20
Not That AppyAshley Watson/Sabrina Young20
Sky FlierAnnie Cartwright14
Royal Crest's Granite PermissionLily Callahan10
The Phantom PistolLily Callahan4
Open Pleasure DrivingSamuel AdamsNancy Rosse Family18
Let's Seal The DealStephens College16
My BobcatKathelyn Young10
Morgan Division
Morgan English PleasureCBMF DuplicityNoor Jerath16
Concealed WeaponW. Ron Talburt10
KJM The ProdigalStephens College8
Morgan Classic PleasureCBMF DuplicityNoor Jerath26
LPV Center Stage GCHKathy McKinley18
Morgan Pleasure DrivingConcealed WeaponW. Ron Talburt4
Morgan Western PleasureSeasons Con BrioDawson Archibald20
GRM Top StuffEarnie & Mary Holloway12
Concealed WeaponW. Ron Talburt4
Morgan Hunter PleasureGRM Top StuffEarnie & Mary Holloway10
LPV Center Stage GCHKathy McKinley8
Concealed WeaponW. Ron Talburt4
Misc. Division
Parade Horse - OpenJohnny's Fancy AffairRoger & Connie Pruden35
Sparks In The HeirRoger & Connie Pruden27
Stonewall's Ebony AngelCathy Harris16
Pony Division
Hackney PonyHeartland LibertySusan Courtney18
Hackney Pony Pleasure DrivingCH Velvet KingSusan Courtney32
Heartland CalypsoCathy Harris10
Knight's Big Chex to CashChristina Heet4
Hackney Pony Under SaddleCH Velvet KingSusan Courtney8
Knight's Big Chex to CashCristina Heet2
Harness PonyRadiant DollSusan Courtney30
Extremely GrandCathy Harris2
Shetland PonySatin PrincessCathy Harris8
Shetland Roadster PonyDreamland's Turn The PageCathy Harris11
Roadster Division
Roadster PonyHeartland Land RoverSusan Courtney31
Knight's JiminizeCathy Harris5
Head LightCathy McKinley4
Heartland's AristocratAnthony Mead1
Roadster Pony Under Saddle
Western Division
Western Pleasure OpenLegendary PrinceJack Swanson27
Last CastleLeta Corwin12
CH Brush Creek's EastwoodValerie Boelsen8
Best BeauCarolyn & Donald Hardaway7
Malibu Barbie SFTara Rattray6
Everglade's HotspurJack Swanson6
Not That AppyAshley Watson/Sabrina Young4
Walterway's Lates NewsGinny Beth Norton4
Victor GaleCarolyn & Donald Hardaway3
VPF QuicksilverW. Ron Talburt2
Western Pleasure Jr. ExhibitorNot That AppyAshley Watson/Sabrina Young12
Bears Eat BeetsKris Wallace6
Stock Type Western PleasureNot That AppyAshley Watson/Sabrina Young12
Open TrailCH Brush Creek's EastwoodValerie Boelsen28
Everglade's HotspurJack Swanson26
Jack StackDeidre Wood20
Legendary PrinceJack Swanson17
Walterway's Latest NewsGinny Beth Norton16
Victor GaleCarolyn & Donald Hardaway14
Best BeauCarolyn & Donald Hardaway8
Tennessee Walking Horse Division
Pleasure 2 GaitMac's Poker FaceAnita Dunham69
Shine On MiraclePayten Rose42
Mac's Cadillac JackPatti Potts24
Mac's Talking the WalkPatti Potts15
Pleasure 3 GaitMac's Poker FaceAnita Dunham1
Trail Pleasure 2 GaitMac's Poker FaceAnita Dunham29
Shine On MiraclePayten Rose21
Mac's Cadillac JackPatti Potts20
Country Pleasure 2 GaitMac's Poker FaceAnita Dunham40
Shine On MiraclePayten Rose24
Mac's Cadillac JackPatti Potts21
Mac's Talking The WalkPatti Potts16
Spotted Saddle Horse Division
Open Pleasure 2 GaitHot Off The PressDarryl & Gina Vehige4
Open Gaited Breed Division
OGB Open Pleasure 2 GaitMac's Poker FaceAnita Dunham31
Shine On MiraclePayten Rose14
Hot Off The PressDarryl & Gina Vehige10
Mac's Talking the WalkPatti Potts4
Mac's Cadillac JackPatti Potts2
OGB Open Pleasure 3 Gait
SS Performance 12 & Under, Walk TrotGrace Markel48
Kennedy Wisdom48
Corbin Danuser21
Harley Hook6
SS Equitation 10 & Under Walk TrotGracie Weissman26
Kennedy Wisdom17
Harley Hook6
Saddle Seat 13 & Under
Saddle Seat, 14-17Gabriella Snyder36
Isabella Privitera20
Lillian Johnson18
Saddle Seat Adult
Pleasure Equitation, 13 & UnderEmma Steward12
Ella Zacherl1
Pleasure Equitation 14-17Grant Hoofer25
Samantha Bannister20
Haley Hildreth14
Sydney Robbins14
Karlyn Connolly3
Randi Adams2
Stock or Hunt Seat W/T PerformanceHarley Hook4
Stock or Hunt Seat W/T EquitationHarley Hook4
Stock Seat 17 & UnderSabrina Young28
Melissa Richter16
Grace Parsons6
Caroline Younkin2
Stock Seat AdultLeta Corwin6
Hunter Seat 17 & UnderSabrina Young10
Hunter Seat 18 & OverMaggie Norton6
Leta Corwin4
LeadlineBarrett Heet32
Braden Heet32
Leadline 8 & Under Walk & Trot on Lead EquitationBarrett Heet1
Braden Heet1
Leadline 8 & Under Walk & Trot on Lead Horsemanship
ReinsmanshipBarrett Heet10
Saddle Seat W/T EquitationEmma Wycoff17
Justin Rector16
Olivia Schaeffer9
Tarah Sadowski9
Ayla Kinney8
Saddle Seat W/T HorsemanshipJustin Rector13
Olivia Schaeffer12
Tarah Sadowski11
Emma Wycoff9
Ayla Kinney8
Saddle Seat Equitation, W/T/C 13 & UnderSamantha Ladd26
Charlotte Struckhoff15
Maddie Brown5
Grace Grygiel3
Saddle Seat Equitation, W/T/C 14-17Halle Hayes14
Emma Fleischmann6
Sydney Perks2
Saddle Seat Horsemanship W/T/C 13 & UnderSamantha Ladd25
Charlotte Struckhoff17
Maddie Brown10
Grace Grygiel3
Saddle Seat Horsemanship W/T/C 14-17Halle Hayes18
Sydney Perks2
Hunt/Western Seat W//T/C EquitationPiper Jeffries5
Hunt/Western Seat W/T/C HorsemanshipPiper Jeffries5